Patrick Rayl 

Artist Statement

As a self-taught artist, I perform music as an art form and I cannot imagine not doing it! Music is an essential part of who I am, and just as we as humans need to eat to sustain life, I too need to play music to survive.  My desire to share this positive musical experience and appreciation to the people of this world is unyielding.  As a performing artist, I believe if people make an effort to go and see a live act, then they want to be entertained and I take great pride and care in entertaining people in a live music setting.  As a lead vocalist, I use my voice to communicate a message through the lyrics accompanied with showmanship skills to enhance the message.  As an instrumentalist, I use my guitar to create melodic melodies, chords and rhythms that emotionally support the message.  These melodic phrases are musically pleasing to the ear capturing the attention of the audience and are a result of the inspiration that I discovered when creating or performing a composition.  When performing cover material, I stay within the basic structure and message of the song, however, I use this as inspiration to create my own melody or solo that expresses my emotions without straying from the original composition.  I don’t just aimlessly perform, I perform with a purpose of providing the listener with a musical experience.  I feel that you need to have material well-rehearsed before stepping out on any stage. 

In the end, it is my desire is to create and perform music that has an emotional connection to people and their lives.